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Company Profile

Canterbury Developments Ltd. is a land development and real estate investment company with a forward-thinking, asset-enhancing approach that has brought significant appreciation to its portfolio of residential and commercial development sites. From its beginning as a landholding company, founded in 1992 as a home based family business, asset enhancement was a logical process for us since we have considerable professional experience and background in community planning, surveying, and engineering and land development activities. Our land development operations involve the assembly of raw land parcels, preparation of planning and engineering designs, securing of necessary municipal approvals, installation of the development infrastructure (such as roads, sewers and parks), implementing architectural controls and the sale of serviced lots to home builders and families.

Our approach to development is relationship oriented rather than project oriented. We operate Canterbury on the principle that long-term excellence in the development industry is achieved through a cooperative approach, pride in our projects combined with maximum value and client satisfaction.

Standing behind the Canterbury name are professionals qualified to handle every phase of land development. Having worked with the staff and bylaws for over 30 municipal or provincial jurisdictions throughout the province, creating a land development company with its focus centered on community visions was a natural choice for us and is a central philosophy of Canterbury. From the moment we acquire a site, we guide the project through all steps of approval satisfying all requirements of public agencies, right through to the final sales program. Throughout the process the community vision is retained as a guiding principal.

Another important aspect of our growth strategy is participating in joint ventures with other investors or homebuilders in order to better serve our customers. We commit to working together with local citizen groups and governmental authorities to enhance the land and advance the quality of life for our residents. This creates a setting for a consistent quality for the development and results in it being an asset to the community as a whole. Our goal is to provide an end product structured to fulfill specific community housing needs. Our projects provide builders and lot purchasers with home sites in a variety of locations and types from development-controlled communities to rural or seasonal recreational lots established with you and your family in mind.

We know that in real estate, unlike other industries, the product is there for all to see, now and well into the future. A continuing commitment to excellence ensures our client's satisfaction for generations to come. We feel that it is our concern for people and their quality of life that is the key to our continued success. Whether it is a high profile urban development or a rural project our goal is to assure complete satisfaction to our client and the community.

Our projects reflect our goals: to build aesthetically pleasing, tranquil communities that reflect the community vision. It is equally important for us to develop our projects on schedule and within budget, managing and controlling cost while maintaining quality.

Discover for yourself the difference we at Canterbury can make in providing the location for your housing needs. What’s most important to you is most important to us. Our commitment is reflected in our philosophy, mission statement and pledge.

Corporate Philosophy

At Canterbury Developments, we believe that our success is dependent upon several key-operating principles:

  • Listening to the community and our customers and delivering developments that respond to their needs and preferences;
  • Developing relationships with other investors or homebuilders in order to better serve our customers;
  • Leading the industry through innovative design, development and architectural controls, quality driven construction techniques and superior customer service;
  • Meeting or exceeding the community standards in development and construction;
  • Working co-operatively with public agencies and complying with all by-laws, regulations, and environmental and planning guidelines to bring our customer the highest quality product;
  • Providing a challenging and rewarding environment in which we and our partners can enjoy working and contributing to the community;
  • Providing personalized attention to detail and tenacity to achieve the best product possible;
  • Contributing to industry and community endeavors; and
  • Maintaining a high standard of ethics and dealing honestly and fairly with our customers, sub-trades, suppliers and business associates.

We pledge, "We will serve our customers and grow by building on the community vision"

Our motto is, "Fulfilling your needs by building on the community vision"


For additional information please call: (506) 847-2690



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