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Southridge Park Property,
Rothesay, New Brunswick

The Property

Southridge Park – Adjacent to over 1,000 acres of wildlife, parklands, waterways, forests and rolling terrain makes Southridge Park a nature lover’s paradise. Walk the quiet trails, bird watch in the protected forest of the Carpenters Pond watershed, or attend one of the many sports events at Wells Park.

Southridge Park is a development located in the Town of Rothesay. The property consists of
residential building lots along Southridge Drive and a 22-acre parcel (8.8 hectares) of land reserved for future residential development. The land is zoned Single Family Residential - R1C which requires large estate style lots containing 4000 sq. m. (1 acre) or more in area. The development is located on the fringe of the Carpenter Pond Watershed, a major physical feature that will play a growing role in Rothesay a will the Wells Park recreational area also located in close proximity to the development. The primary owner of land in the Carpenter Pond Watershed and Wells Park is the Town of Rothesay who limits its use to recreation activities therefore protecting the wilderness setting and scenic vista that compliment the spectacular sunsets the residents of this area enjoy.

The town policy is to have Rothesay remain as a low-density neighbourhood interspersed with substantial natural areas. The effect of this large protected woodland in the middle of Rothesay will be to retain the sense of a rural place creating a unique setting for the Southridge Park development.

For more information about the Town of Rothesay visit:

Contact Information
Canterbury Developments Ltd.
3 Donald Road,
Rothesay, NB E2S 1A7
Tel. (506) 847-2690

Southridge Park Property
Site Plan (click here for an enlarged image)

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